Warranty Program

Prolink is a partner you can trust for structured building and LAN cabling, as well as for connection and distribution equipment in the world of copper and fiber optics. Prolink has a unique warranty program.
As a family-owned Swiss company, Prolink has a no-compromises policy with respect to quality. That means we are exclusively obligated to quality and to our customers, from the inception of the components to the ongoing operation of the installations.


Everyone profits from the Qualified Partner Program (QPP): users and customers, distributors and planners, installers and system integrators. As an Prolink partner, you become part of a unique quality management system that includes long-term warranties for the products used and for the entire network.

Three warranties for your own security

Prolink offers one of the most complete warranty programs in the structured cabling industry based on EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801 and ANSI TIA 568. We develop and produce network components and cabling systems of the finest quality. Our goal is to provide customers with a solution offering better and more lasting performance.

In combination with the Qualified Partner Program (QPP), the warranty program covers all essential points necessary for this top quality approach: